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Yves Guenot, Trio of Whales

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Trio of Whales - shortlisted for Bradt Guides Focus for Survival Photographer of the Year Award


15x10" special edition charity print (run of 9).

Sold unmounted & unframed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

"Humpback Whales come to breed in Indian Ocean waters between June and September. Although the humpback has been downgraded by IUCN to Least Concern (from Endangered status in 1988), some isolated sub populations are still at risk. Humpbacks have recovered from their population crash thanks to the moratorium on commercial whaling and their story of recovery is an important one. Threats include ship strikes, entanglement and pollution."

Canon 5Dmk4 caisson Seacam Canon 16/35 mm F5,6 iso 200, 1/125ème

The photographer has kindly agreed to donate 50% of the sale price to support the work of Explorers Against Extinction.

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