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Tara Pryor

21 cm x 29 cm


I have chosen the New Zealand Kakapo who are critically endangered. My favourite animal to paint are birds so researching endangered birds was a must for me. When I discovered the Kakapo, I had never heard of them so thought it would be the perfect way to raise awareness. The colours they have are beautiful and I hoped I could do them justice in watercolour. I also have family in New Zealand who we haven't seen in a very long time, so when I found out that the Kakapo only reside in New Zealand, it really sealed my choice as its in honour of them too.

 Aged 33 from Stafford, Staffs, who painted as a child and stopped in her 20's but picked up painting again during Lockdown 2020. Began selling commissions of wildlife and pets shortly afterwards 

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