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Claire Heffron - Glow-throated Hummingbird

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A3. Acrylic paint, gold leaf on stretched canvas

"I knew I wanted to represent a bird of Central America rainforest as it is a habitat that is perhaps overlooked or not considered as being vulnerable yet 66% of deforestation in Central America has happened in the past 40 years. The Glow Throated hummingbird is a victim of this devastation. A timid, rare bird found only in Western Panama and is so endangered I couldn’t find any photos, so I created the artwork using a combination of images of its closest cousin, the scintillating hummingbird creating the colours from scientific sketches and field notes."

Claire is a wildlife artist who is completely passionate about all kinds of animals. Her foremost goal is to help endangered species through her art by using a mixture of mediums to create unique, individual artwork to showcase the animal.    

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