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Sam Wallace, Yin and Yang

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Yin and Yang - winner of Bradt Guides Focus for Survival Photographer of the Year Award


15x10" special edition charity print (run of 9).

Sold unmounted & unframed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

"These golden monkey siblings were discovered playing in the undergrowth of the bamboo forest in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda in April 2019. The shafts of light piercing the canopy caught the eye of one who gazed up into the island of sky. Its sibling is avoiding the light keeping its face shaded and between them they show the balance that we and nature can coexist in. Within light, there is darkness. But within darkness, there is always light."

Canon 70d + 100-400 mkii lens @ f5 & 1/250

The photographer has kindly agreed to donate 50% of the sale price to support the work of Explorers Against Extinction.

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