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Dibakar Roy, Sparkling Edge

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Sparkling Edge - shortlisted for Bradt Guides Focus for Survival Photographer of the Year Award


15x10" special edition charity print (run of 9).

Sold unmounted & unframed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

"I live in the city of Kolkata. As usual I was searching for insects in my garden. Suddenly I saw something unusual happening over my head. The leaves were covered by little caterpillars. After the rainy season butterflies lay their eggs on these leaves. Among all the shots, this was my favourite because of its pattern. The whole edge of the green leaf was shining with the white stings of caterpillars. It was tough to click this shot because I had to maintain the back sunlight."

Canon Eos 1200 D, 1/320s, 116mm, f/5.6, ISO-200.

The photographer has kindly agreed to donate 50% of the sale price to support the work of Explorers Against Extinction.

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