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Sam Wallace, The Stare of Extinction

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The Stare of Extinction - shortlisted for Bradt Guides Focus for Survival Photographer of the Year Award


15x10" special edition charity print (run of 9).

Sold unmounted & unframed with Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

"This ground pangolin (Manis temminckii) epitomises the struggle nature suffers at the hands of mankind. Capable of withstanding lion attacks for hours until they are left alone by curling up into a ball and relying on their fantastic armour, we have decimated this otherwise born survivor. The pangolin (four species in Africa & two in Asia) collectively are the world most trafficked mammal. The individual here is one of the lucky ones, found in the central Kalahari desert in Botswana one dry October morning in 2017 where it was foraging out later than normal (they are predominantly nocturnal). Here they are relatively safe, but high demand for the supposed properties of their armour in 'traditional medicine' will drive them to extinction in a short time if it continues. Let his stare capture your soul. How can we let these charismatic creatures suffer at our hands, along with all the others?"

Canon 70d + 100-400 mkii lens @ f9 & 1/80

The photographer has kindly agreed to donate 50% of the sale price to support the work of Explorers Against Extinction.

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