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Will Appleyard, Out of Mind , Forgotten Islands, Indonesia

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DJI Mavic Pro

“I was on a 900 nautical mile, 12 day diving trip travelling from Saumlaki to Sorong, Indonesia. We visited some of the most remote and pristine examples of improving biodiversity that I have seen anywhere in the world, in nearly 20 years of underwater exploration.  I wanted to send the drone up to gain a better view of our otherwise sea level surroundings. The image was taken early in the morning and the sea was so flat it reminded me of ice.  The island in the background gave the image an almost prehistoric feel.  The feeling of insignificance I felt within this massive expanse of sea was just fabulous. Having seen the pristine reefs, wealth of coral, healthy marine habitats and gigantic clouds of fish on this trip, it has made me consider that this is what an ocean did, should and would have looked like. It was  beautiful to see, but at the same time depressing to realise what the ocean looks like closer to mankind. “

18x12” special edition charity print (run of 5)

Sold unframed/unmounted

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