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Pick up a Penguin

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Lucy Price

21 cm x 29 cm

Acrylic on printed cardboard with netting

Endangered on the IUCN Red List, Northern Rockhopper Penguins are quirky looking birds who apparently often slap each other with their flippers. Lucy's inspiration was their comedic nature and also the need to protect their environment from plastic pollution, climate change and habitat shifting. The blue and white detritus in Lucy's painting's background represents marine pollution and the resulting rise in sea levels and temperatures; and the incorporated netting shows the impact of overfishing.

Lucy Price is a self-taught artist who enjoys painting in all mediums. From North Wales, she's had artwork exhibited locally on many occasions and was previously Artist of the Week on Calon FM. She's passionate about portraiture and animal art, and once received a Good Luck card from Grayson Perry! 

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