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Nestor Notabilis

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Jennifer Maghzal

21 cm x 29 cm

Ink drawing in paper

Growing up on the South Island of New Zealand, these alpine parrots were part of the native fauna of my childhood. Highly intelligent, inquisitive and incorrigible, they're the NZ equivalent of cheeky monkeys, offering delight and chaos in equal measure. Sadly they're listed as endangered on the IUCN's Red List. Their loss would be a heart-breaking blow to the NZ biodiversity and would irreversibly change the personality of the Southern Alps.

Jennifer Maghzal is a UK-based Lebanese Kiwi with an eclectic artistic practice that embraces drawing, embroidery, digital art, linocut printmaking, sound works and site-specific installation. All things biological capture her interest, with a particular fascination for anatomical and skeletal diagrams which feature heavily in her representational work. Her more conceptual work tends to address themes of identity and immigration, transition and transience. 

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