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Momentary Contentment

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Hayley Walters 

29 cm x 42 cm

Acrylic paint

 I have chosen to paint a lion using burnt umber, yellow ochre, watermelon orange, cadmium red, black and white. I have always been an animal lover but this is the first wildlife piece I have painted. I find lions have a very majestic and powerful looking demeanour about them with eyes that don't lie! It is so sad and worrying to know how much wildlife is either vulnerable or endangered. I would really like to help with conservation and stumbling across this amazing competition has given me an opportunity to do that the only way I can.

I am a self taught artist, painting mainly animals and people. I have been doing commissions for 4 years but I am at that stage now where I would like to explore my inner feelings and find my 'thing'. I have recently enrolled onto an online art course which promises to help me find my way. I have also recently become a member of my local art society and look forward to producing work for their future competitions and exhibitions. I work mainly with acrylic paints.

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