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King's Hope - Winter Lion

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Anne-Marie Rymill

21 cm x 29 cm

Acrylic Mixed Media with 22k Gold & Italian Silver Leaf on Hahnemuhle paper

Panthera Leo- Lion. Lions are amongst my favourite animal & a predominant subject matter in my artworks where they symbolise to me kingly power, authority & majesty. As an endangered species I wish to visually communicate that despite their perilous situation there is still much hope and as more people are educated and moved to participate in the protection of these precious & spectacular animals, much will be done to invest in their survival & they will thrive once again. My painting depicts that though the lion is in a season of 'Winter' he remains bold & steadfast that the hope of Spring is emerging & appearing.

I am a Margate based Fine Artist with work in private collections. Implementing traditional 'Old Masters' oil painting with contemporary mixed media materials & techniques; I visually communicate a narrative using symbolic and zoomorphic genres which express my own journey of life through the beauty of nature.  

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