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Jason Parnell-Brookes, Basking in the Glitter Path, Iceland (June 2019)

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Nikon D850, 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 lens, f/5.6 at 1/800 sec, ISO400

While out chasing the sunset along the coastline in Iceland I happened upon a group of Puffins that had been collecting sand eels. As the sun set they became much calmer, as if they were watching the light fade after a hard day’s work. I patiently crawled my way toward the cliffedge to photograph a couple perched on the end. The sun’s glitter path shone sparkling warm discs on the ocean, so I positioned the Puffins in front of this to provide environmental context. It was such a pleasure to see these fantastic animals in full plumage, in the middle of their nesting season, taking a well-earned break for the day. With up to a 42% decline in Puffin species in the last five years, climate change and habitat destruction plays a huge role in Fratercula arctica being listed as vulnerable. These two F. Arctica stand at the cliffedge on Grimsey Island in Iceland, backlit by a shimmering glitter path produced by the midnight sun on the summer solstice.”

18x12” special edition charity print (run of 5)

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