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Into the light/Scottish Wildcat

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Laura Pennell

21 cm x 29 cm


The dilution of wildcat genes with that of domestic cats has meant the true Scottish Wildcat is incredibly vulnerable. Increased urbanisation and lack of woodland spaces has further reduced their numbers. I love these animals because of their incredible resilience and grit. They are a critically endangered species, and their survival in the wild is now only possible with human support and intervention. I was inspired to draw this wildcat through observation of my own domestic cats, and a thinking process of the evolution of cats in the UK and where their traits have evolved in different environments. I wanted to evoke a feeling of the Wildcat emerging from shadows, as a nod to the need for their survival to be highlighted and brought to the forefront as much as possible.

Based in rural North Yorkshire, Laura works predominantly in pastel pencil to produce images of wildlife and domestic animals. Growing up surrounded by rare breed Dales ponies, she is inspired by the natural world to highlight groups of animals vulnerable and critically endangered.

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