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I am disappearing...

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Katharine Modesti

21 cm x 29 cm


I feel very concerned and sad about what is happening to the living species, As an artist, I am deeply rewarded to contribute towards such a good cause, and I intend to make this one of my regular goals. I felt I would like to represent a species of the UK. I really like painting cats, their heads magnificent. Tabby markings are complicated, it's like drawing a complex map, with all the markings, that are well defined, or more blurry. I keep my painting dynamic and not too detailed. I wanted to paint this wildcat as if one was getting a fleeting glimpse of him, in the nature.

I was born in London in 1946. I travelled much in my youth, married with three daughters, I live in France. Graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris, I have participated in many exhibitions, sold and also donated my work. I am very eclectic in my choice of subjects. 

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