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Ghost of the Mountain

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Christie Rock

 29 cm x 42 cm 

Watercolour, Ink, Gouache, Oil Pastels - mixed media

The Snow Leopard, also known as the 'Ghost in the Mountain' with the silent roar. Living in the Glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains, this mythical creature has created a captivating presence in the wild. The vulnerable species was once endangered and still face threats of poaching to climate change. I am inspired to raise awareness of an animal exposed to danger and highlight the beauty of the Snow Leopard.

I'm an illustrator who specialises in watercolour. Influenced by the beautiful Japanese woodblock prints and Art Nouveau style. I find much joy in creating colour washes. The unexpected result with tide marks makes the outcome feel organic and natural. I love capturing the movement of colour contrasting to detailed studies. 

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