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Helen Page

21 cm x 29 cm

Acrylic paint pens & fine liner pens

The Dugong, i painted this as part of a wildife challenge that I take part in on instagram, wildlifewednesdaychallenge. This highlights endangered species. I have always loved the look of this gentle sea cow from nature documentaries. Being on the vulnerable list, I have never seen them in the wild. Once I started illustrating this animal, I surprised myself at how much detail I could find to capture. I felt her personality & gentleness started to look back at me which is always exciting as an artist.

Recently got into art, encouraged by my son & experimenting with acrylic paint pens as diagnosed with arthritis in my hands. Always loved wildlife & especially interested in highlighting endangered species.Art is my time to step out of rush of the mundane & forget my worries. 

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