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Can You Still Sea Me

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Lee Billingham         

21 cm x 29 cm

Markers and Coloured pencils

I decided to draw the 'Sea Turtle' as it's numbers have sadly rapidly declined over the last decade. I think it is such a graceful creature and also very unique regarding it's ability to breath underwater for several hours. I would ideally liked to have airbrushed the background or the 'Sea' in this case, but then felt it would be better to keep it raw and did it in coloured pencils like the rest of the piece.

Self taught English artist living in the Netherlands. I draw portraits of people and animals in both graphite and coloured pencil. I've only really been drawing with coloured pencils for two years on and off and only took up drawing at the age of 47 (I'm 53), so I'm still pretty new to the medium and hope to improve. 

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