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Beautiful Monster

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Simona Achim

21 cm x 29 cm

Ink on cardboard

I chose the beluga sturgeon as I am attracted by its beauty and also because it lives in the Romanian Danube space and I miss my family and friends, I have not seen the in more than a year. I liked this fish since I was a child, I read a beautifully illustrated kids series "Luna Betiluna si Dora Minodora" by Anamaria Smigelschi. The books had a great impact on me, one of the few bits of color in an otherwise very grey communist childhood.

I paint and draw as a hobby, my main interests are inks. This is part of a series I call "dreaming in lino" where I use ink to mimic the effect of lino print. I used brushes and parallel pens for painting my beluga entrance. 

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