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Sam Van - One Love

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A3. Pencil, acrylic on card

 Known for its blue eyes, and popular because they can learn to talk, the Indonesian cockatoo is under threat due to poaching and habitat loss. These pretty birds mate for life, making their pet life lonely if they don’t bind with their human. They can develop an irritating, persistant squawk and pull out their feathers. However, when with their mate, find happiness and can live together for about 89years. The very thing we love about them puts them in danger, as their humourous, delightful personalities make them desirable. And as they become more rare, all the more prized. They are the poster child of  the beauty the exotic and wild, their love parallel to our human ideal. 

Artist, adventurer, teacher. A passion for birds, animals and colour, known for an energetic, warm and personable style.  

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